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We specialize in all avenues of creativity including graphic design. With the ability to meet any of your creative needs imaginable.

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Branding, it’s the rise or pitfall of a business. A brand should encompass everything you stand for and deliver the business’ essence in its aesthetic and symbology. It's no easy feat, but an incredibly important one. GLFX Studios goes above and beyond to implement your branding style in everything we do, so your voice is never lost.


As mentioned previously, we love homework. We love researching new techniques, styles, and pride ourselves on always improving as the years fly by. Whatever it is you need, brochures, logos, graphics, mailers, letterheads, be rest assured that it will be up to date with the current trends and strategies for the highest engagement.


We want to brainstorm and conceptualize ideas fluidly, so we have something solid to put into practice. We map out the direction for the design project based on our research and your brand identity. This helps us at GLFX in creating a fluid sketching process.


Sketches and first-concepts are the beginning of a detailed process for overall branding and design. Our team will present several drawings trying to capture your vision. Once ideas are honed, secondary-concepts will be presented and sharpened into the final-concept to be digitized for multiple uses.


Digitizing has many advantages. The first is checking for design integrity, this presents the concept in only black and white. When the design is still visually pleasing in black and white it can easily adopt any other colors that may be associated with your brand. This is the last stage of revisions before the final product.


We keep all of the work on back-up and send you the necessary high-quality files you’ll need to integrate and present to customers. It’s important to make the files as accessible as possible so you have an easy time printing, uploading, or etching your product with your beautiful new design.

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