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Websites represent your brand, your company and most of all: you. We believe that every website should be top-notch regardless of the amount you pay. We work directly with you so you can have the colors you want, the fonts you want and the content you want. We use WordPress as a CMS (content management system) so you won’t have to worry about calling us every time you need to make a change. All of these things allow us to deliver the utmost service to our family without creating any of the extra inconvenient complications our competitors do.

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We aspire to give you the best product you desire. For brand development, we assess your current design and ideals to understand what your passions and goals are for your business. This assists us along our development process so we can design and develop your brand specifically tailored to you.


Here at GLFX Studios, we love research. We feel deeply that it’s important to understand all the specifics of your business to encompass everything you stand for in our work. In other words, we do our homework. Our team loves to ask the big questions to determine exactly who or what we need to target your audience or demographic.


User interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) are essential parts of any website design. Consumers need to be able to navigate throughout the website effortlessly while keeping attention and directing them to key parts of your site. Pages like: food menus, lists of services, newsletters, blogs, and e-commerce sections are important and integral parts of sites that users should naturally be guided towards.


We take all the information that we’ve acquired and compile it into a design. Evaluating other brands and companies alike we keep up to date on current trends. Ranging from typography, original art, and content layout, we can give you a fresh and trendy design that looks good and is unique to your brand.


We want our clients to feel in control of all parts of their business, this includes their site. To accomplish this, we utilize WordPress for website design because it allows easy maintenance with a simple user interface. This means you don’t have to be a web designer to update your site with new content.

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