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We love design. We wanted to make the things we wanted when we wanted. That’s why a group of friends, while in college, came together to make big waves in a little town called Lancaster. Our team strives to share our love for design with the rest of the world while making it uniquely ours, and now, yours.

Realizing our dream in 2015, we established GLFX studios in 2019 and have been slowly making our vision a reality. We specialize in all things design and are proud of our ability to form families wherever we go. We hope you’ll join ours.

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Our Rules
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Family First
Family always comes first, and we know it’s the same for you. The second we interact with you, we consider you part of our fast-growing GLFX family. We want to be able to give you the best experience possible and we do that by having our family-first attitude, one of our central tenants in everything we do.

Top Tier Designs
We deliver exceptional products, regardless of the service we provide. Your brand, your site, or your designs should not only impress potential customers but represent who you are as a business. The GLFX team works with our family directly so we have complete transparency in design for your creative needs. In the end, you will have a finished product that you love and will proudly display -- a family guarantee.

Give, Take & Return
Plenty of family, friends and clients have allowed us to reach the level we are at now. It’s our duty to return the favor. Giving back to the people who made us is important to the GLFX team, just as important as it is to help others who are in need. We give back to our growing communities in hopes that their lives prosper like ours has--or better: even more.

Save the Environment
Printing business cards, flyers, brochures, and more is part of the job and we certainly love it. However, the printing process pollutes our environment in serious ways. Help to change that. When you partner with GLFX we’ve pledged to work with companies that recycle paper and other printing products so that we can still give you everything that you love and help save the planet all in one!

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