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We love design. We wanted to make the things we wanted when we wanted. That’s why a group of friends, while in college, came together to make big waves in a little town called Lancaster. Our team strives to share our love for design with the rest of the world while making it uniquely ours, and now, yours.

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Aspire For

Sepi's Sharpstyles

A group of friendly barbers with over 25 years of experience that welcome all hair types. They aim to bring big style into a small town with old school techniques.

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Sepi's Sharp Style Barbershop
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Lion Auto Detailing

The goal of the Lion Auto Detailing (LAD) brand project was to make sure it would fit in with the automotive scene while providing something unique and personal for our client.

Omega Mindset Consulting

Dr. Lou, the owner of Omega Mindset consulting, requested a website that would give him the ability to share his coaching program and blog. Utilizing Word Press gave us the ability to develop a blog/podcast section to the website for the client to spread his teachings to potential consumers. Our lead graphic designer Pedro Madera was also responsible for creating a brand-oriented logo that fit Dr. Lou’s visions and goals.

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omega mindset

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