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Steve Marinos, the owner of Cravings Gourmet Deli provides delicious food at a fast and affordable price. GLFX Studios was given the opportunity to redesign the current website with a more modern simplistic approach. This allowed attention to be given to the food and the rapport. Justin Watson, our lead web developer, met with the client to discuss colors, website trends, and the overall goal of the website.


Cravings Gourmet Deli


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    Cravings Gourmet Deli is a delightful restaurant that fits in with the feel of Lancaster county. In business for over 20+ years, Cravings aims to provide each and every one of their customers with the finest quality of sandwiches, salads, and soups among various other options.

    Cravings Gourmet

    From the moment you land on the page, you are greeted with one of the restaurant’s most captivating burgers and a fitting title to match. The lead web developer made it a priority to grab the viewer’s attention from the moment you land on the page. The green and midnight blue compliment each other well enough to give the website a fresh feel that welcomes customers. The light green was used as an accent to direct viewers to buttons or specific headlines. While the colors gave a sense of a calm atmosphere and fresh feel, the font was chosen to give it a more sophisticated approach. Choosing a well balanced, modern, yet simplistic font that was both appealing and legible gives the site a classy feel. Raleway, sans-serif is a great combination of what the client wanted all in one place.

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    Like the majority of our sites, this site was designed with mobile in mind. We wanted to give the user a flawless experience when they switched from desktop, tablet, and then to mobile. The navigation icon is one of the key elements to making this possible and gets the user acquainted with the menu icon to ensure a similar experience. Lastly, we utilized our custom-built grid layout, so when it reaches the mobile view, it quickly responds to that size.


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    The Final

    A fitting image, colors to match the atmosphere, and the attention to detail truly came together to give the client exactly what he wanted. Every site that we are tasked with designing is treated with detail and care. We worked especially close with our client at Cravings Gourmet Deli so we could deliver the vision he had in mind. A modern approach and a simple-to-use design gave the client and the consumer a smooth time navigating through the site. As a result, the mobile site looks and operates flawlessly leaving both our client and their customers satisfied.

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