The run

Dr. Lou, the owner of Omega Mindset consulting, requested a website that would give him the ability to share his coaching program and blog. Utilizing Word Press gave us the ability to develop a blog/podcast section to the website for the client to spread his teachings to potential consumers. Our lead graphic designer Pedro Madera was also responsible for creating a brand-oriented logo that fit Dr. Lou’s visions and goals.


The Goal
& Your Future

Developing one's personal and professional growth only scratches the surface of what Dr. Lou is capable of helping his clients achieve. Utilizing three different styles of coaching, he can target your specific strengths and weaknesses to guide you on the right path that he tailors for you. Dr. Lou bases his teachings from the works of John Mattone and utilizes some of his blueprint for cultural transformations and immediate impact.

Mindset Consulting

Our lead designer developed the logo and branding before the website design process began. This was important to establish the client's brand before any other development took place. The logo incorporated the greek omega icon and the letter M in the logo to mention the first part of the client’s business. During the beginning stages of the web design template our lead developer, Justin Watson studied the logo and received a full walkthrough of the dynamics behind the logo. The main component was to utilize the red, blue, and gold colors found in the logo and sprinkle it across the website. During the research process for the website, we cross-examined multiple websites that related to life coaching/businesses and applied modern elements to the site. The site uses numbered sections with an off grey to resemble a step-by-step process.

sharpstyles home page
mobile site
Mobile Ready

Like the majority of our sites, this site was designed with mobile in mind. We wanted to give the user a flawless experience when they switched from desktop, tablet, and then to mobile. The navigation icon is one of the key elements to making this possible and gets the user acquainted with the menu icon to ensure a similar experience. Lastly, we utilized our custom-built grid layout, so when it reaches the mobile view, it quickly responds to that size.


omega mindset about
omega mindset wwd
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The Final

The client wanted a website that informed the user about the client's services and the ability to guide you along your path. They also requested a blog and podcast section to match the client's vision, as well as our ability to drive a fully functional Content Management System (CMS). We were able to deliver a well-polished product while including the client in every step along the way. The finished site perfectly represents the goals and ideals of Omega Mindset and gives space for constant growth in content provided by Dr. Lou.

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