The run

We gave Steve’s Automotive Technology a complete rebranding. Redesigning and revamping both logo and website to better represent his business. This client came to us with his past grievances at having previously paid for an outdated design while also receiving a lack of maintenance on his site. Our team reassured him that he would find no such faults with his new GLFX family.

A long time friend and superb graphic designer, Benjamin Wood, assisted in the rebranding of Steve’s business. Partnering with the client’s choice to give us complete artistic freedom to do what we do best, Ben delivered a logo our client hoped for and adores.

Local & Dependable

A local shop established in 2007, Steve’s Automotive Technology has been fulfilling customers with dependable auto repair services. They offer a wide variety of the most commonly requested auto maintenance. The moment you meet Steve, you are greeted with a smile and a feeling of relief knowing that you and your vehicle will be in good hands and taken care of at an affordable cost.

Steve's Automotive

During the branding process, the initial idea was to create a logo that accentuated auto repair and Steve’s Automotive Technology as a whole. To do that, our graphic designer, Benjamin Wood, wanted to incorporate a battery, Steve’s name, and the plus and minus symbols.As the final logo came into fruition the icon showcased a geometric version of a car battery with the plus and minus signs on opposite ends and an “S” in the center to bring the icon home. The type logo made use of the plus and minus signs to better relate with the icon and the font “Catamaran, sans-serif” brought a clean simple look. The first concept emphasized the electronic system maintenance. It is an extraction of the positive and negative charge of a car battery, which is designed into the logotype, complemented by custom lettering. Next, our lead front-end web developer, Justin Watson, and the lead back-end web developer, D’Andre Guess, worked together to construct the well-organized website. The site integrated the light green and navy blue from the logo into the website to present unity, a basic in branding. We also built a form requested by Steve, for existing or potential clientele to fill out and submit auto repair requests. It is important to tie in the clientele’s company and its connection to their community, so we added an employees section and testimonials to the home page.

steve's auto home
mobile site


Like the majority of our sites, this site was designed with mobile in mind. We wanted to give the user a flawless experience when they switched from desktop, tablet, and then to mobile. The navigation icon is one of the key elements to making this possible and gets the user acquainted with the menu icon to ensure a similar experience. Lastly, we utilized our custom-built grid layout, so when it reaches the mobile view, it quickly responds to that size.


The Final

This rebranding project was a huge success. The new updated logo takes center stage in really expressing the business appropriately. The site, harmonizing to the logo respectively, is now a hub of information for Steve’s new and existing clients and now offers the feature of an online request form. This helped Steve’s business become more accessible and prevalent online. Generating an online presence in today’s world is paramount to a businesses’ ability to continue at being successful. Our outstanding GLFX family, partnered with Steve’s

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