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Our Process


Social media is about having a clear strategy and then executing it. Before we start posting we develop an understanding of your account and others that share a similar topic. This gives us the ability to create a targeted strategy for your specific audience. We will also ask you brand specific questions to gain an understanding of your account’s voice and goals.


We will test and research timing of posts and how to schedule them to build and retain the most engagement we can with your profile. It’s important to incorporate a schedule not only for the algorithms in place on social media but for your account overall.


Certain businesses and profiles utilize social media in many different ways. You may be trying to share your work, gain clientele, or market a product. This is why community awareness is important. You will want your profile to be a part of this online community which in turn will result in increased engagement.

Post Design

Post designing is one of the most important parts of social media. We will work with you to create a unique look for your profile and it’s posts. Post planning is one of the keystones of social media success. This allows posts to be related to each other in some way and removes the stress of wondering what the next post needs to be. Planning out posts allows us (and you) to stay ahead in both designing the posts themselves as well as successfully executing your strategy.

Develpment &

Having a strategy is the easy part of managing social media. The hard part is executing it in a way that leads to a development of your account. This includes both engagement and increasing the following your profile has. It is no joke when people say that running a social media account is a full time job--it's true. The algorithm is specifically built to prioritize consistent users over everyone else.

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